Advisory Committees

Executive Committee (EC)

This group serves as the senior management team of the DC-IDDRC. In addition to the Director and Associate Director, the Executive Committee (EC) includes the Core Directors, the Administrator and representation from all 4 partner institutions. The EC is responsible for the overall direction of the DC-IDDRC, the induction of new investigators, and the quality assurance of Core functions. The EC membership is listed below:
  • Madison Berl, PhD, Co-Director, Neurobehavioral Evaluation Core; Associate Director, T32 Training Program in IDDR
  • Avital Cnaan, PhD, MS, Director, Biostatistics and Study Design, CNHS
  • William Gaillard, MD, Associate Director DC-IDDRC, Director, Animal and Human Imaging Core, CNHS
  • Vittorio Gallo, PhD, Director, DC-IDDRC, CNHS - Chair
  • Gerry Gioia, PhD, Director, Neurobehavioral Evaluation Core
  • Lisa Guay-Woodford, MD, Director, Clinical Translational Core; Director, CTSI at CNHS
  • Kerstin Hildebrandt, MSHS, DC-IDDRC Administrator, CNHS
  • Jyoti Jaiswal, PhD, Director, Cell and Tissue Microscopy Core, CNHS
  • Anna Penn, MD, PhD, DC-IDDRC Faculty Representative; Director, CP Center; Director, Translational Research, Center for Hospital Based Specialties, CNHS
  • Anastas Popratiloff, PhD, Co-Director, Cell and Tissue Microscopy Core, GWU
  • Adeline Vanderver, MD, Co-Director, Clinical Translational Core, CNHS
  • John Van Meter, PhD, Co-Director, Animal and Human Imaging Core, GU
  • Paul Wang, PhD, Co-Director, Animal and Human Imaging Core, HU
Internal Advisory Committee (IAC)

This committee includes both the Director and Scientific Director of Children’s Research Institute, and senior leadership from the 4 partner institutions. This committee meets quarterly with the DC-IDDRC Directors. The main goals are to review performance of the DC-IDDRC, and provide advice regarding future initiatives, synergies and growth, and opportunities for co-recruitments of faculty and collaborations among the 4 institutions. IAC membership includes:
  • Mark L. Batshaw, MD, Chief Academic Officer, Physician in Chief, Director Emeritus, DC-IDDRC - Chair
  • Vittorio Gallo, PhD, Director, DC-IDDRC, ex officio
  • William Gaillard, MD, Associate Director DC-IDDRC, Director, Animal and Human Imaging Core, ex officio
  • Andrea Gropman, MD, Chief, Neurogenetics and Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, CNHS
  • Robert Miller, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Research, GWU
  • Adelaide Robb, MD, Chief, Psychology and Behavioral Health, CNHS
  • Bill Rebeck, PhD, Co-Director, IPN Graduate Program, GU
  • Mendel Tuchman, MD, Chief Research Officer, CNHS, Scientific Director, CRI
  • Chandan Vaidya, PhD, Chair, Department of Psychology, Georgetown University
  • Joseph Wright, MD, Chairman of Pediatrics, HU
External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The members of the EAC include four eminent IDD scientists who have or had IDDRC leadership roles at their respective institutions. The EAC conducts a two-day site visit annually to review the mission, function, and productivity of the DC-IDDRC and other CRI research. They review selected projects, interview staff and investigators, and make recommendations for improvement of administrative management and scientific content. Membership includes:
  • Leonard Abbeduto, PhD, Director, UC Davis MIND Institute/Director, IDDRC
  • Elizabeth Dykens, PhD, Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center/Director, IDDRC
  • Michael J. Friedlander, PhD, Founding Executive Director, VTech Carilion Research Institute (former director of UAB IDDRC) - Chair
  • Barbara Kroner, PhD, Patient Advocate; Epilepsy Leadership Council and Member, Aicardi Syndrome Foundation
  • Michael Robinson, PhD, Co-Director, IDDRC, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia