Become a DC-IDDRC Investigator

One of the main goals of our DC-IDDRC is to encourage new users and recruit outstanding investigators to engage in IDD research. Only faculty members at any of the four participating institutions qualify to become DC-IDDRC investigators.

Candidates for core usage must first submit a one-page summary of their externally funded, peer-reviewed research project relevant to IDD. This one-page summary should include:
  1. PI and project description
  2. Description of grant support – agency, period of support, $ amount
  3. Relevance to IDDs
  4. Core usage and justification
The one-page form can be requested from Ms. Nikkie Adesida, DC-IDDRC Administrator:

The application is evaluated by the DC-IDDRC Director and Associate Director, and Executive Committee (EC). If The EC approves use of core facilities, the project and its complete information are forwarded to NICHD for final approval. We are converting this process into an online application (REDCap-based system), which includes a one-page form with the information listed above.

For further information, please contact DC-IDDRC Director, Dr. Vittorio Gallo: