Genomics and Proteomics Core (GPC)

Yetrib Hathout, PhD
Co-Director, GPC

Susan Knoblach, PhD
Co-Director, GPC
The Genomics and Proteomics Core (GPC) provides advanced genomics and proteomics technologies, as well as specialized statistical analyses for DNA, mRNA and proteomics studies.

Genomics and Protetomic Core services include:
  1. DNA isolation/genotyping, GWAS and DNA SNP arrays
  2. NGS DNA sequencing: targeted and whole exome
  3. RNA isolation and bioanalyzer quality control analysis
  4. miRNA and exosome isolation and quantitation
  5. Genomic epigenetics assays; mRNA/miRNA Expression Profiling-Affymetrix
  6. mRNA Expression Profiling-Illumina; NanoString nCounter Digital mRNA/miRNA analysis
  7. 16S Pacific Biosystems Microbiome SMRT Sequencing; Isoseq Pacific Biosystems SMRT mRNA Sequencing; Shotgun metagenomic Pacific Biosystems SMRT Sequencing
  8. RT-PCR, Western blot, Millipore Multiplex Bead Assay and MesoScale Diagnostics Multiplex ELISA
  9. High throughput LC-MS/MS analysis for protein identification/quantification
  10. Quantitative proteomics
  11. Biomarker studies
  12. Development of pharmacodynamic biomarkers in pre-clinical and clinical studies
  13. Targeted protein quantification in biological and clinical samples