The District of Columbia Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (DC-IDDRC) includes four collaborating DC academic medical centers (Children’s National Health System (lead), George Washington University, Howard University, and Georgetown University) to draw intellectual and core resources from neighboring institutions to help meet its ambitious research mission and create a truly integrated DC-IDDRC. The DC-IDDRC is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) and their families by creating a strong translational research environment optimized for studying and defining the basic causes and mechanisms underlying IDDs, and designing new effective treatments and prevention strategies. Our DC-IDDRC is strongly focused on building and supporting collaborations among investigators from the four institutions who are studying IDDs by using different experimental approaches, and by partnering with the community to ensure that scientific discoveries will benefit affected individuals. Our application builds over 15 years of collaborative and dedicated IDD research among the participating institutions to create an integrated academic center for all investigators engaged in IDD research in the District of Columbia.